FIT4HOME Unisex Olympic S001 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Black

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Indoor cycling can be a great way to get in a vigorous workout — burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape — especially during the off-season. Low Impact Indoor cycling is a low impact form of exercise. There is no pounding of the feet on the surface as compared to other forms of exercise. It takes the pressure off your feet and knees.Cardiovascular Health When you are Indoor cycling, you are building muscle endurance which is anaerobic. But, you can also increase your heart rate, by speeding up on the bike or adjusting the tension. You will definitely improve your lung capacity after several sessions of Indoor cycling. It may take a bit to get use to. But, once you start you will be hooked.Tone Your Body You will notice a big improvement in the shape of your lower body in a short period of time. Because Indoor cycling uses the large muscles of the legs, it requires more energy. Thus, burning more calories. Even more, you will notice an overall improvement in your physique. You can’t beat that. Indoor cycling is fun. You tend to lose track of time when Indoor cycling because of the constant challenges. You can find training videos that can take you on a journey with beautiful scenery. However, trek is challenging and you have to keep up with a group of other riders.


  • Ideal compact cycling bike at a bargain price! 11KG Flywheel so your workout stays a challenge. Belt driven transmission
  • Lightweight bike at just 25kg with mobility wheels allow this machine to be moved easily
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