GLOBAL RELAX UK – Vibration plate – ZEN SHAPER body shaping table (with 3-pin UK plug) (new model 2018) – 2 Years Official Warranty

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ZEN SHAPER has a platform with a unique design (patented) divided into 3 areas depending on the exercise you want to do: walking-jogging-running.

According to the exercise mode you choose, the intensity of the table’s vibrating movement will change. In addition, the calculation of the calories burnt by your body and the distance covered (in kilometres) will vary.

The ZEN SHAPER has 3 automatic modes and up to 10 manual modes. These modes can also be combined with many fitness and gym exercises explained in the Operating Manual (standing up, lying down, arm-shoulder-leg stretches, leg and arm flexes, expanding exercises, etc.)

To do a wide range of exercises, the ZEN SHAPER has fitness elastic bands and expanders to make any type of movement easier. Thanks to dozens of stretching options with these bands, you can shape your body healthily, increase your bone density, boost your cardio-respiratory system, strengthen your calves and knees, correct your spinal column, etc.

With the ZEN SHAPER vibrating table, tone your body in no time: after only 5 minutes, you can achieve the same toning effect that you would from running 1 kilometre.

The vibrating table helps boost blood circulation in any part of the body, as well as relaxing the muscles in the legs, thighs, buttocks, back and shoulders.

Thanks to the vibrating massage, it also helps to mobilise the subcutaneous fat in the abdomen and buttocks, toning the waist and outlining the hips.

The ZEN SHAPER is suitable for people with a sedentary lifestyle, relieving any discomfort in the shoulders and back caused by arthritis, or varicose veins in the legs.

The ZEN SHAPER can be controlled easily with the multicolour LED control panel on the massage platform. It has an elegant wireless band to control all the functions, so you don’t have to bend down all the time.


  • Vibrating platform with a unique design (patented) for optimal results – A vibrating massage platform divided into three exercise areas: Walking – Jogging – Running
  • Power: 95 W – 3 automatic modes / 10 manual modes – Timer to set the exercise time from 5 to 30 minutes – Calculates the calories burnt and distance covered
  • It has fitness elastic bands to combine the platform’s vibrating movement with many different exercises (standing up; lying down; arm-shoulder-leg stretches; etc.)
  • Easy to use colour LED control panel on the massage platform – Wireless control band to configure all the massager’s functions comfortably
  • 3-pin UK plug – User Manual in English – GLOBAL RELAX 2 Years Offical Warranty® – Optional: Plus Warranty Extension® up to 5 Years (for further information, contact our Global Relax Customer Sevice) – Measures: 16.54 x 7.87 x 31.50 in. / Weight: 35.24 lb.
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