JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer/Shaking Machine/Fitness Exercise Equipment to Lose Weight & Tone Muscles (White)


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Why is this item popular?
When people lack of exercise for a long time, it will result in constipation due to no movements in their intestines and stomach. Fitness machine can make intestines and stomach obtain “soft sports” by vibrating abdominal muscles, which also make you are aglow with health while slimming down easily.
Fitness machine can help lazy people do sports by combining active exercises with passive exercise, and will enhance sports effect under the condition of same exercise intensity. Though using this easy way, burning calories with exercises to shape your body indirectly.
By using vibration plate, toning and defining muscles would be faster, which is tested by NASA. It also can reduce your workout time by two thirds, when you struggle to fit workouts into already-busy days.

Muti usage makes exercise more interesting!
Walking: Reducing the abdominal fat of body,maintain the beautiful body shape
Jogging: Burning 10-13 calories per minute,promote blood circulation
Running: Excellent aerobics,accelerate the fat burning,body shaping
Yoga: Improve body flexibility and elasticity,have excellent body shape Light Exercise: Excellent control levels of oscillation, effect muscles movements.

What are in the carton?
1*Vibration Plate
2*Elastic pulling rope
1*Remote Controller
1*Power Cord
1*User Guide


  • Features 20 levels of oscillation for higher-efficiency calorie-burning.
  • Oscillates at wider angles to stimulate more muscle movement.
  • Designed with a resistance cord system for a more intense workout,The handles feature small massaging balls that give your hands a pleasant sensation as you grip them
  • Almost 25% more workout area than other conventional oscillators,offering more coverage and stabillity
  • High intensity exercise build strong muscle,improve muscle endurance.
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