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Features and specifications Open-loop speed or position control of one bipolar stepper motor A variety of control interfaces USB for direct connection to a computer TTL serial operating at 5 V for use with a microcontroller I²C for use with a microcontroller RC hobby servo pulses for use in an RC system Analog voltage for use with a potentiometer or analog joystick Quadrature encoder input for use with a rotary encoder dial, allowing full rotation without limits (not for position feedback) STEP/DIR inputs for compatibility with existing stepper motor control firmware Acceleration and deceleration limiting Maximum stepper speed 50,000 steps per second Very slow speeds down to 1 step every 200 seconds (or 1 step every 1428 seconds with reduced resolution). Up to six different microstep resolutions The Tic T825 and Tic T834 supports full step, half step, 1/4 step, 1/8 step, 1/16 step, and 1/32 step The Tic T500 supports full step, half step, 1/4 step, 1/8 step Digitally adjustable current limit Optional safety controls to avoid unexpectedly powering the motor Input calibration (learning) and adjustable scaling degree for analog and RC signals 5 V regulator (no external logic voltage supply needed) Optional kill switch inputs STEP/DIR outputs for controlling external stepper motor drivers Connects to a computer through USB via a USB A to Micro-B cable (not included) Free configuration software available for Windows, Linux, and macOS Comprehensive user’s guide Dimensions Size 1.50″ × 1.05″ × 0.47″ Weight 8.2 g General specifications Model Tic T500 Motor driver MP6500 Control interface USB; non-inverted TTL serial; I²C; RC servo pulses; analog voltage; quadrature encoder Minimum operating voltage 4.5 V1 Maximum operating voltage 35 V Continuous current per

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