Reviber Mini Motorised Pedal Exerciser – fully assembled with 2 year guarantee


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Product Description

The Reviber Mini Exercise Bike is motorised for low impact exercise and rehabilitation. This is NOT a manual exercise bike with different resistance settings for cardiovascular exercise. It is ideal for people to maintain or regain physical mobility without putting stress on joints. It can be put on the floor to exercise the legs, or on a table to exercise the arms. It is portable and runs quietly so you can work, read or watch TV whilst you exercise. Unlike similar models it comes fully assembled, (all pedals and footplates fitted), so there is absolutely NO assembly required. Just plug it in and get started. It is unique as it has a slower starting speed, (40rpm compared to 60rpm on similar models), and has pedals that have a smoother, larger footplate and longer straps than similar models. It is compact and portable. The auto programmes offer a choice of preset workouts. Each different mode increases in speed at different rates. It then works through the sequence in reverse mode to help improve a full range of mobility.


  • 5 year parts & labour guarantee on the motor and 2 years on all other parts.
  • This is NOT a manual exercise bike for cardiovascular exercise.
  • Fully Assembled. Just plug it in!
  • Large, smooth pedals with extra long straps
  • Includes non-slip mat
  • 12 Speed Settings
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