Stepper Motors Driver L6470

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Product Description

The L6470 is a great chip controller (8 – 45 V bipolar stepper motors up to 3). Has over-current protection, low voltage protection, detection of overheating, a converter 5 bit ADC input and a specifies that can be used as forced stop. Also supports up to 128 micropasos.
Contrary to other drivers of stepper motors, this driver is with the bus spi. has an internal oscillator 16 MHz Quartz (glass) that lets you run movement of autonomously. This means that with this driver is no longer necessary contrar motor the steps from a microcontroller. Also supports accelerations and programmable deceleraciones. The internal controller is responsible for all the process and releases the host of this work. The logical interface supports both 3.3 V and 5 V signals
It is extremely easy to operate since it only need connect the SPI port of your favorite microcontroller, feed it, connect the motor and to operate.
Supports up to 128 micropasos by step
Overheating protection temperature ()
Current protection
Voltage protection
PWM drive-voltage limiting
Bus Driver by SPI
Integrated internal oscillator
Records of speed and position Integrated
Stall detection
5-bit ADC
Eagle Files
Library for Arduino

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