VIBRAPOWER Slim 2 Power Vibration Plate Trainer with Free DVD, Resistance Bands

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Vibrapower Slim 2 with Resistance Bands with Remote Control Watch plus FREE Vibrapower Slim Whole Body Workout DVD Vol 1

Enjoy this fun and innovative way to exercise from the comfort of your own home. A vibrating exercise platform for your home workout with free DVD.

This is our latest version of the Vibrapower Slim, now its slimmer and lighter. With a remote control watch that allows you to control your different levels of workout from your wrist. Making finding the remote the thing of the past, as you now can change intensity, programme settings and start up and pause your workout- all from a handy one touch wrist strap remote control

This is also the first time the Vibrapower Slim has a calorie counter showing you exactly the amount of calories you’ve burnt during your workout.

Built as an oscillating platform with 20 levels of speed and 5 pre-set vibration programs, you can benefit from Vibration training and get an intense workout in just ten minutes by using the resistance bands to enhance your workout.

Your Vibrapower Slim takes you through 3 guided full body workouts – a beginner 3 minute, an intermediate 7 minute and an advance 10 minute- so no matter what your fitness level there’s a workout for you.

The exercises have been designed to help shape all your body muscles and help you improve your general fitness. For best results use every day for as little as 3 mins a day.

There is also an instructed warm up and cool down section focusing on some key stretches and gentle Yoga and Pilates moves.

Join the next generation of fitness technology; the Vibrapower Slim 2 platform produces an oscillating motion rather than a solely vertical vibration. The key difference between oscillation vibration and piston vibration is that with piston vibration, both legs are simultaneously moving upwards or downwards, but with oscillation vibration, one leg is moving up while the other is moving downwar


  • The latest upgrade to Vibrapowers popular model, the Slim 2 vibration plate machine boasts a lighter, modernised design and more features than ever, including a built-in calorie counter and RC watch for effortless workout contro!l
  • Fully adaptable with 20 speeds and oscillating platform to enhance movements, perfect for all levels of fitness, even if you?re new to this technology
  • All new one touch watch, which allows you to remain in control of intensity, programme settings and even start, and pause your vibration plate, for flexibility and convenience from the comfort of your wrist
  • Also includes free exercise DVD with guided workouts to help shape and tone muscles whilst improving general fitness, and resistance bands for a challenge!
  • The Vibrapower Slim 2 Vibration Machine is built to last with users in mind, featuring rollers to easily move from room to room
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